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The Biological Filtration Oxygen Reactor in our facility is used to help reduce Ammonia Nitrogen

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Discharge from the pond is through a 36 inch and 24 inch outfall line. The total trip is nearly four miles, which discharges 5,800 feet off the shore line between Bradley Beach and Avon.




Solids digestion is a biological process involving the anaerobic (in the absence of air) decomposition of organic matter contained within the sludge. It uses several types of microorganisms to convert complex organic reactants to products of volatile acids, methane, carbon dioxide and water and thereby achieves waste stabilization. The process is conducted in a series of vessels called digesters using heat and mixing to carry out the reaction.

The Authority operates three digesters. The first digester is used to mix the waste received from primary clarifiers and scum pits. It discharges to the second digester, where the wastes settles. From the second digester the waste is sent to a holding tank digester where final settling takes place to produce a thicker sludge. The sludge is then removed by pumping it in a semi-liquid form to privately owned and operated tanker cars which haul it away to other facilities. These facilities have appropriate means for final disposal. In the course of one year approximately 2 million gallons of sludge is removed from the system.




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