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We are committed to protecting the Environment, with providing our customers with Professional, Safe and Efficient Wastewater Treatment in accordance with all State and Federal Regulations.

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Currently all sewage from the Borough of Tinton Falls, the western portion of Neptune Township and Wall Township flow to the Authority’s force main by gravity. Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, Neptune City, Ocean Grove and a portion of Neptune Township pump their sewage to the Authority through a pump station. The Authority currently operates two inlet facilities and three parallel treatment trains (process units in series) which provide the ability to distribute the flow of sewage for the most efficient treatment.

A wastewater collection system, utilizing both gravity flow and pump stations, transports the sewage to the Authority’s regional treatment plant. A combination of physical, chemical and biological processes are employed to eliminate the undesirable components contained within the wastewater.

The treatment processes employed by the Authority include pre-treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, and sludge digestion.

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Who is TNSA

Neptune Township Sewerage Authority Safety and Loss Awards by Statewide Insurance Fund

2019 Award

 2018 Award

 2017 Award

 2014 Award

The Authority is a public body created pursuant to chapter 138 of the laws of 1946 of the state of New Jersey.
The Authority owns and operates an 8.5 M.G.D. secondary trickling filter treatment facility with a stabilization pond as the polishing point and BIOFOR® process before discharging a mile into the ocean via an outfall pipe.

The treatment plant has a design capacity of 8.5 million gallons of sewage per day and the daily average in the past few years is million gallons. The system also consists of a regional pumping station, force main, ocean outfall, and trunk line.



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